I love and live yoga

I have loved and lived yoga for many years, because it is a self-determined, exciting and always new path of experiencing. With much pleasure I teach an authentic dynamic yoga practice.

A regular yoga practice and meditation are my sources of strength - also when facing challenging situations. They reward me with sparkling life energy and joy. After each yoga class I experience again and again the wonderful feeling of being a grounded person in the midst of the fullness of life.

Besides my passionate existence as a Hatha Yoga teacher BDY/EYU, I am a marketing specialist, co-founder and partner of FOCUSWATER, a primary school teacher and mother.

It is a concern to my heart to give something back to the world and to support people on their way to an exciting, fulfilling and healthy yoga-strong life.

I welcome everyone who wants to engage in yoga with an open and alert mind.

Become «Yogastark»

Inspiration for the name Yogastark (yoga-strong)

Names always have a history. I want to share it with you. Yogastark originated in our family.
We would brainstorm together what my yoga studio could be called. My 7-year-old son didn't have to think long. He was simply inspired. "Call it Yogastark – yoga-strong. Because yoga makes you strong, mom." With this neologism the name was born. The image in the logo is a strong and firmly rooted tree.This tree also has a family history. My grandmother planted him over 50 years ago at Lake Constance. We love this tree. It symbolizes strength and life energy.

Yoga teacher BDY/EYU

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